Coal Mining in India

Parvati Coal supplies fresh mined coal to entire Uttar Pradesh and neighbouring states and provinces. For this reason it has attracted many large mining companies to establish associations in our domain. Our Coal is mined in the provinces of Jamunia, Modidi, Dhansar, Kusunda, Raniganj, NTST and is sold primarily through unorganised channels from Chandasi coal mandi.

Parvati Coal has attracted a major increase in exploration and the development of multiple coalaries across Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh (owned by Coal Authority of India).

How we deliver

Once the order is placed through Parvati Coal, we ensure timely delivery of coal supplies in desired batches to the client location. Each batch of truck carries approximately 20 Tons of coal, and these trucks can be made available for delivery on weekly, monthly or annual basis. The transportation and other applicable costs are borne by the client. For more infomation about how we work feel free to enquire.


Expanding efficient utilization of coal will help address India’s energy trilemma of meeting demand, reducing energy poverty, and actively participating in mitigating global climate change. Importantly, this model of development is not limited to India; it may be applied to a number of emerging economies and forms the foundation of the Platform for Accelerating Coal Efficiency, an initiative that the WCA continues to pursue in 2016.

Coal is used in various industrial combustion purposes. Our clients range from Steel Manufacturers, Brick Oven, Hark Coke Manufacturers to Tanneries. Our coal supplies are authorised low-emmission coals mined directly from coalries, without adulteration.